Monday, May 7, 2012


I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted! Last week I was gone to Chicago for work. We took a look at Skokie Public Library's Digital Media Center as well as Chicago Public Library's YOUMedia. They both offer wonderful services to their teenagers. Hopefully with ideas in hand, we can develop something similar but on a minor scale at Manitowoc Public Library

Place HoldIn addition, I attended the Sutherland lecture at the Chicago Public Library. The speaker was Neil Gaiman!!!!!! He is the author of Coraline and The Graveyard Book among other things. He is an amazing author. His books are a little darker with some horror and mystery. In person, he is very funny. He has a sarcastic humor that was hilarious. If you haven't yet read any of his works - check out The Graveyard Book today! You won't be disappointed!

In addition, we also toured the Harold Washington - Chicago Public Library. They have nine different floors full of materials to check out - NINE floors!!! They also have an atrium which they call the Winter Garden which was beautiful. An excellent place to study and read. It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it! :)

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