Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Movie Premiere - The Vow

This is a two-part post: it's a review as well as it's a promotion for the teen program this Saturday.

May Movie Marathon: The Vow
Saturday, May 26th
1:00 PM
Balkansky Community Room

Knowing the viewing of this movie was coming up, I watched the movie so I had an idea of the content of the movie. It was fabulous! The story hooked me before I even sat down to watch it: Boy and Girl fall in love - Boy and Girl gets married - Girl gets in car accident and loses her memory - Girl doesn't remember marriage or Boy - Boy determines to make Girl fall back in love with him!

It's a beautiful story AND a true story. This story is based on the actual events of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter! This movie is definitely worth a viewing or two! Join us on Saturday for this movie premiere with popcorn and soda!

Listen to more of their real life story in this video!

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