Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games is in theatres!!!

Like a faithful Hunger Games fanatic, I went to see Hunger Games in theatres this weekend! I did not go on Thursday night nor on Friday nor even on Saturday, but I was able to make it on Sunday afternoon/night. Parts were like I expected whereas others were interesting.

* Spoiler Alert * If you have not read Hunger Games and/or seen the movie, you may not way to continue reading as I will be revealing aspects of the movie/book.

I really wish at this point I could gush about the movie and how FABULOUS it was - unfortunately, that is not the case. When I first exit the theatre I am much more enthusiastically inclined and my opinion sometimes decreases the further I get away from seeing the movie. In this case, I liked the movie, but even right after viewing it, I had some reservations.

Let's talk about the scenes I really liked to begin with:

1. Allusion to the death of Seneca Crane - The book mentions that Seneca Crane was hung, but in the movie they have him walked into a locked room with a bowl full of Nightlock berries. Very ironic, and my favorite scene that was added in the movie!
2. Katniss is dressed in two  very distintic outfits before being placed in the Hunger Games. I went into the movie knowing it wouldn't be like what I envisioned and it wasn't, but I still really likedhow they did the outfit on the chariot and the interview dress. "Katniss, the girl on fire"
3. I really liked how they added in the perspective of the Capitol as we watched the movie. They kept going back to Caesar Flickerman as he is narrating the Hunger Games. It worked very well.
4. I also really liked how they included the gamemakers station within the movie. They would show the gamemakers were influencing the Hunger Games.
5. I really liked President Snow's part in the movie. I thought he was portrayed very well. Since he doesn't really play a part in the book, I like how he was added into the movie.

Reasons why I didn't fall in love with the movie version of The Hunger Games:

1. STOP! - The worst part that I really did not like was the end when they go to eat the berries instead of killing one another. Their hands are down by their belly button when they say stop. They drop the berries and then they yell Stop even louder. It was very poorly sequenced.
2. Peeta/Katniss - I don't think they played the Peeta/Katniss angle as well as they could have. It didn't seem to have much of an impact on the Capitol..
3. Haymitch and Seneca Crane - They had Haymitch speak to Seneca Crane to convince him to do the two people surviving from the same District. Haymitch would not have that much control.
4. Haymitch - I didn't like Haymitch in general. I did not think his character was portrayed very well, and I don't think the viewers got a true impression of who Haymitch really is as a character.
5. Gale - I did not like how Gale was portrayed. I like how we saw his reaction to Peeta and Katniss in the Hunger Games, but he wasn't portrayed as strong, loyal, wonderful as he is in the book.
6. Hand holding - In the movie, Katniss is persuaded by Peeta to hold his hand in the chariots and stay near each other. It feels forced instead of how it occurred in the book.
7.  Cato - I really did not like how they tried to humanize Cato at the end of the movie. His speech was unneccesary and made a bad impact on the movie for me.
8. Rue - I did not like her death scene. I was expecting a lot more.
9. Tracker Jackers - In my opinion, the tracker jackers would have created much more wild hallucinations. In the movie, they really just had her view distorted with an appearance of Caesar Flickerman.
10. Cinna - Cinna's character seemed a little forced and not as natural a connection with Katniss.
11. Parachutes - I did not like how they included notes with the parachutes from Haymitch. Wouldn't these notes have been caught on the Capitol cameras?
12. Training Sessions - I did not like how they organized the training sessions. I would have liked to see Rue flying through the trees. I especially thought the individual session with Katniss could have been much better.

I could actually keep going on and nitpicking with some of the details I didn't like, but I won't. The book was so amazing, in my opinion, that I should not have expected so much from the movie. Overall, I'm very glad I watched the movie and I would recommend watching it at least once. If I hadn't read the books, I think I would have liked it even more.

What are your thoughts on the movie and book?

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I've yet to see the movie, but still read your spoilers. LOL I wanna see for myself why people say Gale's character wasn't nailed well.

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