Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Countdown to THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

SPOILER ALERT: I am talking about a specific scene in the book - so if you have not read it yet, be warned this will reveal a part of the story!

2 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE HUNGER GAMES COMES TO THE BIG SCREEN!! REASON 2: Katniss' tribute to Rue upon her death

This is such an important scene in the story. Rue's death means true heartache for Katniss. This is the only person Katniss allowed herself to become attached to in the Hunger Games, and after only a short alliance, she holds Rue as she dies. To show the Capitol that what they are doing is wrong and to honor Rue, Katniss envelopes Rue in flowers and arranges her peacefully to show her innocence. Not only is this a touching scene in the story, it also shows how smart Katniss is. She makes her honor of Rue such that the Capitol cannot prevent from showing the rest of Panem what Katniss has done. This was a very sad part of the book (in which I cried), but it is also very touching and symbolic.

Another scene which I am really looking forward to is Peeta camouflaging himself both in the training session and even more when he does it in the Games. I love art, but unfortunately I'm not artistic. So I love watching other people create what I can only marvel at! This brings Peeta up in my estimation, and it was the point in the book when I started to like him.

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