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Monday, March 12, 2012

Countdown to THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

11 days left until the theatre release of The Hunger Games!! 11th reason to look forward to The Hunger Games: Primrose Everdeen

Primrose does not necessarily have a leading role in the movie, but she is a leading influence on Katniss' actions. Primrose is the one pure thing in Katniss' life - she will do anything to protect her. They chose Willow Shields to play the role of Primrose in The Hunger Games movie. I think they made a wonderful choice, and I am excited to see how she does in the short time she's shown on screen. She is the exact opposite of Katniss and I am really excited to see the connection between Katniss and Primrose. Another aspect related I am looking forward to is seeing their mother. Katniss has very conflicting feelings towards her mother. This is one more aspect to look forward to in the movie!

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