Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Countdown to THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!

I am very excited for the release of The Hunger Games movie on March 23rd! Normally, I don't get excited for movies that were originally books. Being the librarian and book-lover that I am, I never really enjoy the movies as much as the books. I am hoping The Hunger Games will be different given the trailers and information I have already heard - I am very excited!

To celebrate this excitement - I will be having a countdown to the release of The Hunger Games which you can be assured I will be attending! Each day I will post one thing I am really looking forward to in The Hunger Games leading up to its theatre release starting today.

Reason 17: The books were awesome!

I was first introduced to these books by a coworker who described it as a book about teenagers killing teenagers. You can imagine my excitement - there was no excitement! I was very leery about reading the book, but trusting her judgment, I checked out the book, started the first page and was hooked!

I finished the first book very quickly....AND THEN...had to wait until the second book was released :( Subsequently, I read through the series very quickly. The Hunger Games is definitely one of my favorite recent series!

Here is a link to the official movie trailer - unfortunately, they won't let me post it here :(


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