Thursday, September 29, 2011

Featured Book ~ Entwined by Heather Dixon

The picture on the front cover is what enthralled me first. I'm a sucker for a pretty dress as well as stories based on fairy tales! Entwined is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the 12 dancing princesses - one of their less known fables.


In the half-magical world of Eathesbury, Azalea is the oldest of 12 daughters and heir to her father's throne. When the sisters' mother dies after a long illness, the siblings find a hidden passageway to an enchanted pavilion under the castle where they can dance all night, secretly breaking the rules of mourning. The mysterious and alluring Keeper makes this possible, but he also seems to have less-than-honorable plans for the girls, especially Azalea. The tale's atmosphere becomes increasingly dark and brooding as the truth from ages past comes out, and Azalea realizes just what evil they are pitted against.

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