Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Facts ~ Manga/Anime

Here are some fun facts about Manga and Japan that I have uncovered:

-Anime is French for animation

-Anime is used to describe when comics or manga is turned into a Japanese cartoon

-In Japan there is a museum for Osamu Tezuka, who is considered the father of manga

-Black cats are considered good luck in Japan

-In Japan, manga forms one-third of all the printed material!

Join us on Tuesday for drawing manga and anime with Kao Vang. We will start at 2 PM!


Anonymous said...

Had lots of fun yesterday, learned some new things. Thanks!

Kira Hansen said...

I loved the manga class yesterday! I had fun and learned many new things, thank you!

MPL YA said...

Awesome - I'm glad to hear it! I am in the process of setting up a monthly drawing workshops in the fall - stay tuned!