Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Featured book: The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar is famous for books such as Holes and The Wayside School stories. This book incorporates his continuously hilarious and amazing talent. Alton, the main character, explains some of the features of bridge throughout the book, BUT to make sure no one gets bored, he precedes each description with a picture of a whale. Alton was forced to read Moby Dick in school, so he understands the need to skip the boring parts - If you see the whale, feel free to skip that part!


Alton Richards is resigned to spending a slow summer on his own after his girlfriend leaves him for his best friend and he finds himself with no money and no job. Unfortunately, his mother insists that he become his blind great-uncle's chauffeur and cardturner at local bridge tournaments. Though the 17-year-old has only met Lester Trapp on a few occasions, his mother hopes that this connection will inspire the wealthy old man to write the family into his will. Alton reluctantly agrees, even though he knows nothing about bridge and has no interest in learning the game. He meets Toni Castaneda at the tournaments and soon discovers that he's not the only long-lost relative intent on winning over Trapp and his inheritance. What transpires is an intriguing glimpse into a crazy family full of secrets and unusual quirks.

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