Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beads for Life!!

Women in Uganda are now able to afford food and housing for their families thanks to the support of Beads for Life. This organization sells the beautiful beads, necklaces, bracelets and products created by women in Uganda to interested customers around the globe.

On Tuesday, July 5th, we will be learning more about the women in Uganda as well as learning how to roll one of the beads! There will also be enough Ugandan loose beads available to make bracelets - one per teen!

Don't forget to bring your friends and family to the Beads for Life booth at Krazy Daze on Saturday, July 9th! 100% of the proceeds are going back to support the women in Uganda and help realize their dreams - Continue reading to learn about one of the women benefited from this organization.

Meet Nakimera Brenda:

Brenda, 22, is achieving her goal of becoming a nurse despite the huge challenges of her early life. Brenda’s father was insane and wandered from village to village. Her mother, unable to cope with her family and extreme poverty, abandoned them.

Brenda was taken in by a distant relative of her father who told her, “I can’t afford anything for you, but you can stay with us.” But Brenda was determined to get herself educated. By studying really hard, late into the night by candlelight, she managed to win scholarships to high school, scoring at the highest levels of achievement.

But upon graduation there were no jobs to be found for a poor girl with a high school education. So Brenda resigned herself to no expectations and was waiting without hope at home. Now Brenda is a part of our Vocational Training Program for youth. She passed her nursing entrance exams and is enrolled as a first-year student at Mulago Nursing School. She will be a much needed and wonderful nurse.

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