Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Trivia/Facts

So...1 Day late, but still fascinating as ever!

The longest town name in Ireland is... Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Co., Galway - now that's a mouthful!

St Patrick wasn't Irish at all. His father was Italian and his mother was a Scot. He was born in Scotland!

A leprechaun is really an Irish shoemaker with a reputation for being rich, but mean.

Irish coffee was not invented in Ireland. Instead it was created in San Francisco!

The color green for Ireland stands for nature and/or hope. It depends who you ask:)

The Irish are credited with bringing Oatmeal to America.

The Celtic cross has a circle in the center to represent the sun.

St Patrick's Trivia

What is a shillelagh?

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