Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Billion Poets Website for Teens

I recently heard about this website for teenagers to post their poetry. The blurb describing the website is below. It was created by a teacher in California which allows teen poets to share their creations with each other. They also have contests on the site as well.

"Approximately one billion people in the world are teenagers. Therefore, there are approximately one billion teenage poets in the world, young adults who can inspire and shape the world through their writing. Teenagers are often labeled as disaffected, disgruntled, and disengaged. However, we see numerous teens around the around the world striving to effect positive change. And frankly, if you are feeling a bit disaffected, that's okay too. The world is complex and tough, and it can be doubly so for teens. One elixir for the disillusionment and frustrations we face is the potency of poetry. Focusing on the four following prompts: Where I'm From, What I Carry, Why I Laugh, and What I Wish, One Billion Poets invites all aspiring poets to connect with each other and to share and reflect on each other's poems. We hope you will all see that although we certainly come from very diverse backgrounds-- sometimes extraordinarily different-- we all share many of the same dreams, burdens, loves, hopes, and emotions. Whether you live in Tunisia or Detroit, Moscow or Mexico City, we believe you all have something salient and beautiful to say about the teenage experience in the 21st century."

Check out this site at www.onebillionpoets.com!

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