Friday, February 11, 2011

Revist Old Favorite ~ Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce

This was a book I found many years ago. It is the first book in The Darkangel trilogy. A Gathering of Gargoyles and The Pearl of the Soul of the World follows this first book in the trilogy. These books were first written in 1982 ~ before I was even born!!! Yet, they are still very captivating. A book about vampires before vampyres were cool. For those who have never read them, I highly recommend them as a great read! And for those who have, take time to revisit this timeless series!

Aeriel is kidnapped by the darkangel, a black-winged vampire of astounding beauty and youth, and taken to his castle keep. There, she must serve his thirteen wives, wraiths whose souls he has stolen away.

Aeriel knows that she must kill the darkangel before he takes his fourteenth bride and comes into full power, but she is captivated by his magnificent beauty and intrigued by the spark of goodness she sees inside him.

Will Aeriel risk damning all of humanity to save the darkangel’s soul, or can she end his reign of beautiful terror before he finds his final bride?

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