Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Music Spotlight: Guster

Artist: Guster
Album: Easy Wonderful

Guster is one of those bands that maintains a very dedicated fan base and continually seems to add more with each concert they play. Adept at writing hooks that stay in your head and lyrics that run from light and funny to contemplative and thoughtful, that they have fallen short of huge mainstream success seems almost criminal.

Easy Wonderful represents the band's sixth album and maintains their solid mix of songs from beginning to end. Nothing stands out more than "Do You Love Me", a brilliant slice of pop rock that shows off how to write a great hook. Every track presents something different, whether its the synths on "Do What You Want" or the ironic overtones of "Stay with me Jesus". What makes Easy Wonderful so attractive is the depth and meaning in the lyrics that add more to the tracks. Combined with solid music throughout, it is an album that demands to be listened to over and over again.

Standout tracks: "Do You Love Me", "This Could All Be Yours", "Do What You Want"

If you want more Guster, be sure to check out Keep it Together and Ganging Up on the Sun. Along with Easy Wonderful, the are located in the Rock CD collection: MR Guster

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Reads - Green Lantern

Title: Green Lantern
Writer: Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons
Artists: Ivan Reis, Ethan Van Sciver

Hal Jordan was once considered the greatest of the Green Lantern Corps., and intergalactic peace-keeping force that wields green power rings fueled by their willpower. After years of saving the world and universe, Jordan was driven mad by the destruction of Coast City, his home, and turned into the villain Paralax before dying to save the Earth.

Now, Jordan has returned to life and to his role as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 and is trying to prove himself once again. Meanwhile, the green light of the of Corps. has been joined by the other colors of the spectrum: the anger of the Red Lanterns, the greed of the Orange Lanterns, the fear of the Yellow, the hope of the Blue Lanterns and the compassionate Indigo Lanterns. As war breaks out among the various colors, a sinister force begins to rise and fulfill the prophecy of a blackest night...

There have been multiple Green Lanterns over time, but Johns brings Hal Jordan back to the forefront and makes the entire Green Lantern Corps a well-rounded storytelling element that is rich in characters and action. Johns is true to the wealth of history that was established before his taking over the character and builds from it a fascinating and entertaining universe. The stories crackle with excitement and move along at a brisk pace. Even with the focus on Jordan, the other lanterns still get attention and fit in well with the new characters, like Atrocious and Larfleeze.

Accompanying Johns in this reintroduction of Hal Jordan is Etahn Van Sciver (Green Lantern: Rebirth) and Ivan Reis. Both are more than up to the demands that Johns' scripts call for and they bring the characters to life in their detailed pencil work. Van Sciver's hyper-detailed work really lays the groundwork for Hal Jordan's resurrection and redemption in Rebirth. Reis, meanwhile, does a fantastic job of introducing a wealth of new characters and making them fit in seamlessly with the existing DC Universe.

We have collected Geoff John's entire Green Lantern run, starting with Rebirth and leading through Agent Orange and Blackest Night (which gets its own review later!). We are also proud to offer the monthly comic book to help you keep up with the story to date.

Green Lantern books (all located in Young Adult Non-Fiction 741.5973 Johns):
  • Rebirth
  • No Fear
  • Revenge of the Green Lantern Corps
  • Wanted: Hal Jordan
  • The Sinestro Corps War vol. 1 & 2
  • Secret Origins
  • Rage of the Red Lanterns
  • Agent Orange
For even more Green Lantern entertainment, check out the animated feature Green Lantern: First Flight, located in the DVD collection.