Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sequels to Check Out

The last month has seen the continuation or conclusion of some great series. The second book in the Prophecy of the Sisters Series is now out: Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink. The story of twin sisters Lia and Alice continues as they battle over the prophecy that could bring Samael into the world and the destruction of mankind.

The first book in the series (located in YA Fiction under YA Zink):
Prophecy of the Sisters

In Genuis Wars, Cadel's life is seems more normal than before, but he is still in danger from Prosper English. Catherine Jinks brings her Genius trilogy to a close with this title.
Other Genius books (located in YA Fiction under YA Jinks):
Evil Genius
Genius Squad

Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy reaches its climax in Mockingjay as Katniss becomes the focus of the Capital's rage after her two victories in the Hunger Games and the turmoil that has followed throughout the districts.

Other Hunger Games books (located in YA fiction under YA Collins):
The Hunger Games
Catching Fire

The Poisons of Caux series continues with in The Taster's Guild by Susannah Appelbaum. Ivy has set the Noble Child prophecy in motion, but the end of the Nightshade regime has not stopped Vidal Verjouce from holding Caux in a grip of fear. It is up to Ivy to take on Vidal and find a way back to Pimcaux.

Other Poisons of Caux books (located in YA Fiction under YA Appelbaum):
The Hollow Bettle
Passing Strange is the third book in Daniel Waters' Generation Dead Series. Following the game-changing of the second book, Kiss of Life, Karen's "life" is suddenly much different. The undead kids are accused of murder and new anti-zombie regulations are making things more difficult than ever for the walking undead teenagers of Oakvale.

Other Generation Dead books (located in YA fiction under YA Waters):
Generation Dead
Kiss of Life

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