Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Reads: Prophecy of the Sisters

Title: Prophecy of the Sisters
Author: Michelle Zink

*Prophecy of the Sisters is a 2010 Battle of the Books selection

After her father dies, Lia finds her life changing dramatically. Her relationship with her twin sister, Alice, is increasingly strained as Alice grows colder, and her responsibilities have increased, as both of her parents are now gone. To add to it all, Lia finds herself in increasingly odd situations until she uncovers a prophecy that foretells of two sisters: one with the power to release Satan into the world, the other with the duty to stop her. As she uncovers more details, Lia finds that her fate, and that of Alice, is tied to the prophecy.

Prophecy of the Sisters introduces an interesting story, as told through the eyes of Lia. Though is does seem to set the table for the rest of the trilogy, the use of Celtic mythology helps enhance the back story and the teasingly sparse use of Alice keeps you reading to find out more. The narrative is compelling and will have you wanting to see what happens next. The second book in the series, Guardian of the Gate, will be released on August 1.

Prophecy of the Sisters if located in YA Fiction: YA Zink

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Michelle Zink said...

Thank you for this lovely review of Prophecy and for the important work you do encouraging young people to read!