Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Music Spotlight - Nirvana

When Nirvana was unleashed on the world at large, the music scene in the U.S. was an odd mix of genres that didn't really have much cohesion. When Nevermind hit the shelves in 1992, grunge exploded onto radio and TV and Nirvana was at the front of a music revolution - not a small thing for a modest three-piece band.

Riding the wave of popularity, Nirvana reached almost mythic status when they walked off the stage of the UK's Reading Festival on August 30, 1992. Just days before, front man Kurt Cobain was the source of rumors as questions swirled regarding his mental health. Cobain decided to take the stage pushed in a wheelchair and dressed in a white coat. He then took his guitar and the band launched into their first song, "Breed". The rest of the concert was a high-energy show that cemented Nirvana as a top-tier rock band and showcased the raw energy that they exuded on stage.

Live at Reading is a CD/DVD combo that gives both the audio and visual from that concert and showcases what made Nirvana such a phenomenon. While primarily a collection of songs from Nevermind and Bleach, it does showcase a few songs that Nirvana wouldn't release for three more years on In Utero.

Live at Reading a is perfect fit for Nirvana fans, but also worth checking out for the casual fan, if only to get a rare glimpse at a band that burned brightly for a brief period before tragedy brought things to a halt.

Live at Reading is located in the Non-Fiction DVD section: 782.4216 NIRVANA

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