Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Reads: The Revenge of the Shadow King

Title: The Revenge of the Shadow King
Authors: Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis

Max Sumner and his friends Natalia, Harley and Ernie get together to play the card game Round Table, knowing they are part of a rare group. They are rare enough that they name themselves the Grey Griffins. When the goblins and faeries from the game suddenly start appearing in their town of Avalon, MN, they realize they are no longer just playing a game, but facing something much more real and much more dangerous. Suddenly, they Grey Griffins are thrust into a race to stop the evil witch Morgan La Fey and her attempts to unleash the Shadow King upon the world of humans.

The Revenge of the Shadow King starts the action early and keeps it going through to the very end. This is book one of the Grey Griffins series, which also includes The Rise of the Black Wolf (book 2) and The Fall of the Templar (book 3). More books will be following in the future.

The Rise of the Shadow King and other Grey Griffins books are located in YA fiction:
YA Benz

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