Thursday, September 10, 2009

Battle of the Books 2009 results

The 2009 version of the Battle of the Books took place last night at Silver Lake College on a night that included a team merger, a tight battle for second place and a repeat champion. Chilton made a strong showing in the opening rounds, amassing a large lead to easily advance into the final round. The Two Rivers/New Holstein almagam team held off a late charge by Brillion and also reached the finale along side Kiel.
the second- place Kiel squad
In the end, a single point separated New Rivers and Kiel for second place with Kiel coming out ahead 20-19. Chilton blew past them both and notched 28 points en route to a Battle of the Books title - their second straight victory and third title overall.
Chilton showed their power for title #2
Congratulations to Chilton and good job to all the competitors! If you have any suggestions for books to battle over next year, feel free to post them below!
Two Rivers and New Holstein teamed up for Third place

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