Monday, August 31, 2009

Updated Wii Tournament standings

We have reached the end of August and have almost wrapped up the Wii Tournament for 2009. There will not be any more dates scheduled in September, but we may be able to set up one more before the finale on October 24. With only one more possible date to go, we have clinched two titles! Bryce has claimed hold of the Manitowoc Champion banner with decisive wins in Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Wii Sports Bowling. There is no way anyone can catch him at this point so congratulations Bryce - we will see you at the finale.

There are still 3 games to be determined so keep an eye out for a future tournament date the final rounds to pick our remaining champions!

Guitar Hero World Tour

For Guitar Hero, we are averaging the best three scores that each player can post for three different songs. The top average score will advance, though at least one of those scores must be posted at either the hard or expert level. In the unlikely event of a tie, the best note streak will serve as the tie-breaker.
1. Jacob Heili – 280,431
2. Matt Troyer – 279,389
3. Tyler Klackner – 198,037
4. Danny Sharpe – 154,003
5. Ben Rezach – 153,021

Mario Kart
Mario Kart is scored by granting one point for each race won and two points for winning circuits (four-race sets):
1. Danny Sharpe - 32 points
2. David Sharpe – 26 points
3. (tie) Tanner Sharpe - 7 points
3. (tie) Donald Goeke – 7 points
5. (tie) Josh Meyer – 6 points
5. (tie) Sarah Kordiyak – 6 points
5. (tie) Ethan Welnicke – 6 points

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Super Smash Brothers Brawl is scored the same as last year: victories result in increased points per round (i.e. Round One=1 point, Round Two=2 points, etc.). Ultimately, the more tournament dates you can make, the better chance you have of being crowned champion.
c 1. Bryce Williams – 78 points
2. Sean Filipek – 50 points
3. Danny Sharpe – 34 points
4. David Sharpe – 25 points
5. Dallas Parker – 8 points
6. Chris Loiselle – 6 points

Bowling is scored the same as last year: the top two games combined results in our winner.
1. Danny Sharpe – 426
2. David Sharpe - 407
3. Tony Loiselle – 385
4. Chris Loiselle - 373
5. (tie) Devin Ward - 371
5. (tie) Ryan Gorecki - 371

Boxing is the same as Smash Brothers Brawl: points per round per victory.
c 1. Bryce Williams – 42 points
2. Ryan Gorecki – 6 points
3. Tyler Klackner – 5 points
4. Tony Loiselle – 5 points
5. Danny Sharpe – 4 points

c - game champion

The Wii Tournament Finale will be held at the Manitowoc Public Library on October 24 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Pizza and prizes will be available for all competitors!

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