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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wii Tournament - May Leader boards!

After two tournament dates, the leader boards are starting to fill out a bit more:

Super Smash Brothers Brawl is scored the same as last year: victories result in increased points per round (i.e. Round One=1 point, Round Two=2 points, etc.). Ultimately, the more tournament dates you can make, the better chance you have of being crowned champion. Bryce maintained his big lead after last Saturday's tournament date:
1. Bryce Williams – 25 points
2. Danny Sharpe – 13 points
3. Sean Filipek – 5 points
4.(tie)Chang Vang – 4 points
4.(tie)Donald Goeke – 4 points

For Guitar Hero, we are averaging the best three scores that each player can post for three different songs. The top average score will advance, though at least one of those scores must be posted at either the hard or expert level. In the unlikely event of a tie, the best note streak will serve as the tie-breaker.
1. Matt Troyer – 318,722
2. Danny Sharpe – 176,135
3. Ben Rezach – 153,021
4. David Sharpe – 131,625
5. Teresa Hurtienne – 95,903
6. Malynnda Goeke – 64,145

Mario Kart is scored by granting one point for each race won and two points for winning circuits (four-race sets). Thus far, Danny has a good lead, but David isn't too far behind:
1. Danny Sharpe - 14 points
2. David Sharpe - 9 points
3. Tanner Sharpe - 5 points
4.(tie)Bryce Williams - 1 point
4.(tie)Donald Goeke - 1 point

Bowling is scored the same as last year: the top two games combined results in our winner. Danny has the best two-game tally thus far:
1. Danny Sharpe – 368
2. Donald Goeke – 310
3. Bryce Williams – 164
4. Sean Filipek – 123

Boxing is the same as Smash Brothers Brawl: points per round per victory. After one Boxing tournament, Bryce has the early lead:
1. Bryce Williams – 6 points
2. Danny Sharpe – 3 points
3. Donald Goeke – 1 point

The next tournament date is June 26 at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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