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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Music Spotlight: Assorted New Stuff

It has been so long since I have done a music post, that I am actually going to phone this one in in order to give you a dose of some of the better discs that have come in recently. I don't want to skimp out too much, so I will post a link to the reviews (an awesome source for music info, by the way) with a small sample from each. We'll start off with my personal favorite:

No Thanks! The '70's Punk Rebellion
Various Artists

This is almost a companion/forerunner to the previously mentioned Left of the Dial box because it gives such a solid, overall look at the great music that laid the ground work for so much New Wave, Rock, alternative and neo-punk music that continues to today.

According to AllMusic: "...The compilers have bent the rules of punk slightly, deciding to include proto-punkers like New York Dolls, the Stooges, the Dictators, and Jonathan Richman, and then to not present the cuts in a strictly chronological order. This benefits the album, since these artists are in the same spirit of the bands they inspired, and the sequencing plays like a great mixtape. Rhino has also evenly balanced the set between American and British punk, including both early hardcore punkers the Dead Kennedys and British pub rock renegades like Nick Lowe and Ian Dury in equal measure."

No Thanks! is located in the CD sets: MR NO

Keeping in the same vein:

The Clash: Live at Shea Stadium

Shortly before The Clash imploded and disbanded, they joined The Who for its farewell tour in 1982. The Clash was on the verge of huge mainstream success when things broke apart, but this live album give a peak at what they were capable of.

AllMusic says: "...when the group clicks, as they do on a closing stretch that includes "Career Opportunities," "Clampdown," "Should I Stay or Should I Go," and a furious "I Fought the Law," they sound like the greatest band on earth and a sure bet to have blown the Who off the stage. "

Live at Shea Stadium is located in the Rock music section: MR Clash

Title: Dear Science
Artist: TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio provides a brilliant fusion of nearly every music you can imagine on this album. No two tracks are even similar but it plays seamlessly from beginning to end.

AllMusic's take: "Dear Science, begins with an epic statement of purpose — although "Halfway Home" is as sleek as it is grand, sprinting towards its end with streaking guitars — and ends in an embrace with "Lover's Day."

Dear Science is located in the Rock music section: MR TV

That is probably enough to digest for one post. Later this week, I will have a few more new albums and artist spotlights to give you more to listen to.

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