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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Reads - Runemarks

Title: Runemarks
Author: Joanne Harris

Maddy Smith is an outcast in her village, primarily due to the odd mark on the palm of her hand. Sure, she comes in handy when they need her to clear goblins out of the cellars, but that is not really an activity that makes one popular. When the mysterious traveler, One-Eye, reveals the magic behind the mark, Maddy's world turns upside-down and she is thrust into a world that she believed was no more. She discovers her destiny is tied to magic and the gods that were seemingly forgotten.

Runemarks dives into Norse Mythology and tells a more modern tale of gods like Odin and Thor. Harris creates an elaborate story that send Maddy all across the mythological map and includes seemingly all the major figures from the Norse tales. Runemarks is a bit of a time investment - it weighs in at over 400 pages! - but for those who like the challenge and are looking for an entertaining fantasy tale, it is worth the effort.
Runemarks is located in YA Fiction: YA Harris

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