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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Reads: Kingdom Keepers

Title: Kingdom Keepers
Author: Ridley Pearson

When Finn Whitman signed up to become a virtual tour guide through Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, he looked at it as a cool acting job that resulted in him getting a lifetime pass to the park. That all changed when he went to sleep and discovered that he was inside the park as his virtual self - he and the other four teens who signed up as well. Each night, all five of them appear in the park after it closes and are tasked with keeping the park safe by Wayne, a long-time Disney employee.

The five kids learn that the park is in danger from the Overtakers, evil forces from Disney films and parks that have come to live in order to take over the Magic Kingdom and eventually the world. Finn and the others have to follow clues that Walt Disney himself created to prevent the Overtakers from rising to power. It is a search that finds them going up against animatronic pirates, a giant dinosaur skeleton and an army of dolls from It's a Small World.

Kingdom Keepers is a fun, fast-paced story that doesn't break any new ground in adventure storytelling, but it is definitely a ride worth taking.

Once you finish with Kingdom Keepers, pick up the sequel, Kingdom Keepers 2: Disney at Dawn. The Overtakers are back, but this time they have the animals of Animal Kingdom on their side as they try to free one of the most dangerous villains Disney ever created. It is up to the keepers to stop their evil plans - but if they fall asleep, they may never wake up...

Kingdom Keepers and Kingdom Keepers 2 are located in YA Fiction: YA Pearson

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