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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Reads: Oh. My. Gods.

Title: Oh. My. Gods.
Author: Tera Lynn Childs

Imagine having everything in your life lining up just the way you planned it - a scholarship to the college you want, two best friends who will be going with you. That is what Phoebe has set up in Oh. My. Gods. when her mother alters the plan by moving Phoebe to a small Greek island. Instead of being a distance runner at her southern California high school, Phoebe finds herself surrounded by descendants of the Greek gods at her new school and her dreams of running for USC are slipping away. To make things more interesting, Phoebe's new step-father is the headmaster of her super-exclusive school and all of her classmates have superpowers.

Oh. My. Gods. is a fun fish-out-of-water tale, but in this case, the fish is surrounded by super-powered snobs. Phoebe is determined to maintain her scholarship to USC, but racing against the descendants of the gods and trying to pass classes much more difficult than anything she has seen before make things interesting. Add in the standard love interest who may or may not be the biggest jerk in the world and a new step-sister who anything but pleasant to be around, and the story fills out with added dimension and helps make Oh. My. Gods. a light, entertaining read.

Oh. My. Gods. is located in YA Fiction: YA Childs

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