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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Reads - Kimmie66

Title: Kimmie66
Author: Aaron Alexovich

In the 23rd Century, most people spend a good deal of their time in virtual lairs, interacting more with people online than in the real world. Telly is a teenager living in the virtual society and counts Kimmie66 as one of her closest friends. When Kimmie leaves a suicide note, Telly believes her friend is dead – so why is Kimmie showing up all over the ‘net? The search for the truth reveals the shortcomings of living in virtual environments and how knowing someone’s screen name doesn’t mean you know the person very well.

Kimmie66 is the latest in the Minx line of graphic novels. In this one, Alexovich does double duty with the writing and art, which he uses to effectively convey the kinetic energy that you would expect in a virtual reality. Things move along at a quick pace as the mystery that is Kimmie66 surges to a climax. With a cool look at a virtual-dominated future, Kimmie66 is a graphic novel that works even for those less inclined to read the format.

Kimmie66 is located in YA Non-Fiction: YA 741.5973 Alexovich

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