Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Music Spotlight: British Sea Power

Title: Do You Like Rock Music?
Artist: British Sea Power

Off the beaten path of mainstream radio, there are a lot of great bands that, for the most part, get overlooked. British Sea Power is one of those bands – an alt-indie group that crafts elaborate songs without coming across as inaccessible.

Do You Like Rock Music? is the band’s third release (after The Decline of British Sea Power and Open Season) and it presents a varied collection of song writing and musical effects that really rounds out the band’s sound. “Waving Flags’ is the best example of what makes DYLKR? so effective: it combines a vocal chorus, strings and sound effects in a way that make them seem essential to the song and not tacked on for effect. The result is a sweeping anthem that begs repeated listens. Another strong track is the longer “Lights Out for Darker Skies”, a rousing track that builds up steam, pulls back, then charges to its conclusion in a impressive fashion.

Overall, Do You Like Rock Music? is a combination of British Sea Power’s first two albums, but they effectively took the best parts of each and added new elements to create a solid disc that serves as a great jumping on point for new fans.

Standout tracks: Waving Flags, Lights Out for Darker Skies, Atom

Do You Like Rock Music? is located in the rock music collection: MR British

Good Reads - Playing With Fire

Title: Playing With Fire
Author: Derek Landy

The sequel to Skulduggery Pleasant, Playing With Fire finds the skeleton detective back in action with Valkyrie Cain as they take on a villain from Skulduggery’s past. Baron Vengeous is determined to restore the Grotesquery back to life and return the Faceless Ones back to power to destroy the world. Complete with their magical powers and smart comments, Skulduggery and Valkyrie take on the Baron and fight to save the world…again.

Playing With Fire matches the first Skulduggary book in tone and in quick-witted humor. The action and laughs just keep coming and it makes the Playing With Fire as enjoyable as Skulduggary Pleasant. Landy clearly has a strong grasp of his characters and conveys them very effectively from beginning to end. If you enjoyed the first book, Playing with Fire should be a must-read.

Playing With Fire is located in YA Fiction: YA Landy

Good Reads - Kimmie66

Title: Kimmie66
Author: Aaron Alexovich

In the 23rd Century, most people spend a good deal of their time in virtual lairs, interacting more with people online than in the real world. Telly is a teenager living in the virtual society and counts Kimmie66 as one of her closest friends. When Kimmie leaves a suicide note, Telly believes her friend is dead – so why is Kimmie showing up all over the ‘net? The search for the truth reveals the shortcomings of living in virtual environments and how knowing someone’s screen name doesn’t mean you know the person very well.

Kimmie66 is the latest in the Minx line of graphic novels. In this one, Alexovich does double duty with the writing and art, which he uses to effectively convey the kinetic energy that you would expect in a virtual reality. Things move along at a quick pace as the mystery that is Kimmie66 surges to a climax. With a cool look at a virtual-dominated future, Kimmie66 is a graphic novel that works even for those less inclined to read the format.

Kimmie66 is located in YA Non-Fiction: YA 741.5973 Alexovich

Coming in December: The Dark Knight!

On December 11, we will be screening the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight - just 2 days after it is released on DVD. We will have the big screen set up in the Balkansky Room and will get the film rolling at 5:30 p.m. There will be plenty of popcorn and pop available for all so don't miss it!
The Dark Knight is rated PG-13.