Monday, October 6, 2008

Wii Champions Crowned!

The top competitors from Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Chilton, Brillion, Kiel and New Holstein gathered at the Manitowoc Public Library on Saturday to battle for Wii supremacy as our Battle of the Boxes Tournament nears its end. In the end, five champions were crowned for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Guitar Hero III, Dance Dance Revolution: The Hottest Party, Wii Sports Bowling and Wii Sports Tennis.

In the Smash Brothers competition, Two Rivers player Peng Yang went undefeated throughout the preliminary and elimination rounds and held off Maniotowoc's Sam Rouse to claim the Brawl Title.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
1. Peng Yang (Two Rivers)
2. Sam Rouse (Manitowoc)
3. Jacob Endries (Kiel)
4. George Anhalt (New Holstein)
5. Jessy McWilliams (Brillion)

Manitowoc's Kara Foster held off Kiel's Carolyn Kuske in a tiebreaker to claim the Dance Dance Revolution crown.

Dance Dance Revolution
1. Kara Foster (Manitowoc)
2. Carolyn Kuske (Kiel)
3. Brody Joice (Two Rivers)
4. Jessy McWilliams (Brillion)
5. David Lefeber (Chilton)

Two Rivers claimed a second title as Justin Her held off Manitowoc's Danny Sharpe in a best of three competition to earn honors in Wii Sports Tennis.

Wii Sports Tennis
1. Justin Her (Two Rivers)
2. Danny Sharpe (Manitowoc)
3. Marshall Stanelle (Brillion)
4. Decoda Reseburg (New Holstein)
5. Carolyn Kuske (Kiel)
6. Jediah Barrett (Chilton)

Alicia Meyers of New Holstein took on all competitors and came out on top in the Wii Sports Bowling by posting the best cumulative score in two games.

Wii Sports Bowling
1. Alicia Meyers (New Holstein)
2. Samuel Creelman (Two Rivers)
3. Justin Claudon (Kiel)
4. Dillon Vanne (Chilton)
5. Forrest Hammil (Manitowoc)
6. Marshall Stanelle (Brillion)

The final title went to Kiel's Kyle Henrickson (pictured with Two Rivers' Nick Meissner) who topped Jack Anhalt of New Holstein in Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero
1. Kyle Henrickson (Kiel)
2. Jack Anhalt (New Holstein)
3. Michael DeBaugh (Manitowoc)
4. Nick Meissner (Two Rivers)
5. Jediah Barrett (Chilton)
6. Jessica Jones (Brillion)

Congratulations to all the competitors - all of whom are their champions at their respective libraries. Our five winners now advance to a system championship against other competitors in the state. Stay tuned for details on that showdown!