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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Manitowoc Wii Champs!

Following last weekend's final round of competition, the Manitowoc Public Library has its five champions in our Battle of the Boxes Wii tournament! Next month, all five of them will return to take on the top players from the other libraries in our system: Two Rivers, Chilton, Kiel, Brillion, and New Holstein. The top system players will then compete against the champions from the Racine, Oshkosh and Sheboygan library systems.

Our Champions are:
Sam Rouse - Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Dan Rosenow - Guitar Hero 3
Kara Foster - Dance, Dance Revolution
Danny Sharpe - Wii Sports Tennis
Forrest Hammill - Wii Sports Bowling

A big thanks to all our competitors for taking part. Everyone is invited to the system title round on October 4 in the Balkansky Room. Depending on the length of the championship, we will open things up for a free play at the end of the event.

Below are the final standings for each game. The competition was fierce but fun. Stay posted for other upcoming Wii events!

Dance, Dance Revolution
Kara Foster 66,209,175
Amanda Panosh 58,311,300
Dan Rosenow 21,245,450
Matt Troyer 16,761,940
Zach Schuette 12,454,200
Bryce Williams 12,195,040

Guitar Hero III
Dan Rosenow 308,752
Michael DeBauch 297,338
Chris Davis 209,326
Michael Schnell 182,587
Alex Grant 165,377

Forrest Hammil 396 (207, 189)
Logan Lackershire 395 (206, 189)
Dan Rosenow 388 (195, 193)
Michael DeBauch 387 (196, 191)
Katie Young 343 (190, 153)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Sam Rouse 53 points
Ezra Rouse 41 points
Bryce Williams 22 points
Daniel Hemken 20 points
Luke Hemken 17 points
Michael DeBauch 7 points

Danny Sharpe 16 points
Matt Troyer 11 points
Forrest Hammill 6 points
Mary Heili 6 points
Tyler Klackner 4 points
Christian Kunz 4 points

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