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Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Reads - Dream Factory

Title: Dream Factory
Author: Brad Barley & Heather Hepler

What would happen if the workers at Walt Disney World went on strike? Who would put on the character costumes? In Dream Factory, they are filled by teenagers, including the two main characters: Ella (who is the stand-in Cinderella) and Luke (the Dale part of Chip and Dale). In what sounds like a dream job, Ella and Luke find the work less that dream-like, due in no small part to their own personal issues that led them here. Ella finds herself working alongside the gorgeous Prince Charming while Luke is partnered up with his seemingly perfect girlfriend in the Chip costume. All is not well in either relationship as Ella and Luke find each other more interesting than their significant others. How will their friendship affect their relationships?

Dream Factory is located in YA fiction: Barley

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