Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Weekend Watch

It's time for a special March Madness/Easter/Spring Break extended edition of the Weekend Watch! Hopefully, we will have something for everyone...

If watching 14+ hours of college basketball isn't enough of a hoops fix for you, check out Hoop Dreams. The film follows two African American high school basketball players in Chicago, William Gates and Arthur Agee, as they are recruited to attend an all-white prep school to play basketball. The boys, and their families, have to endure the long commutes, the long hours and the racial conflicts that go along with their new situation. Hoop Dreams is a fascinating look at the lives of the two players and the demands that accompany a serious push to play premiere college and professional basketball.

Hoop Dreams is rated PG-13 and is located in the non-fictions DVDs under 796.323 HOOP

If you are looking to get away from the wall-to-wall basketball coverage, you might want to try Wonderfalls - a short-lived but thoroughly enjoyable television series. Wonderfalls follows the life of Jaye Tyler, a college graduate who has no ambition in life other than to do as little work as possible. Despite her education, she works as a retail clerk at a souvenier shop in Nigara Falls and lives in a trailer park away from her successful family. Suddenly, she finds objects in the shapes of animals talking to her and telling her to do things. Ultimately, she follows their instructions, even if it conflicts with what she wants to do. Wonderfalls only aired for four episodes before Fox pulled the plug on it, but 13 episodes were filmed and are collected here. It is a funny, weird and different show, but it is definitely worth checking out.

Wonderfalls is not rated and is located in the fiction DVDs under W (Humor)

For something completely different, try Plan 9 From Outer Space - very likely the worst movie ever made! Directed by the laughably inept Ed Wood, Plan 9 follows the attempt of an alien race to conquer Earth. Obviously, they aren't very good at it since they are up to their ninth plan. Any more detail into the plot is meaningless since Plan 9 is just so terrible. But so terrible it is funny. This is the film to watch with a group of friends and laugh about what a bad film this is. Keep an eye out for the poorly disguised pie plates on fish hooks that are an attempt to serve as UFOs.

Plan 9 From Outer Space is rated PG and is located in fiction New DVDs under P (Science Fiction)
Last but not least is the suspense-thriller The Others, starring Nicole Kidman. Set in England at the end of World War II, Kidman and her two children reside in their country manor awaiting the return of her husband from the war. Her children both suffer from a serious disease that makes them allergic to bright light, so they must spend their lives inside their home in the dark. Strange noices begin cropping up and furniture moves seemingly of its own accord, making things more stressful for Kidman. The suspense builds as the "Others" are revealed in a shocking twist that may send you back to the beginning to watch over for clues as to the ending.
The Others is rated PG-13 and is located in fiction DVDs under O (Mystery)

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