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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Music Spotlight: Plain White T's

Artist: Plain White T's
Albums: All That We Needed, Every Second Counts

Probably best known for the stripped-down ballad Hey There, Delilah, The Plain White T's are very upfront about what they do: they play straight-up power pop and they play it well. Frontman Tom Higgenson's songwriting is full of clever hooks that keep the music fresh after repeated listenings.

All That We Needed is the album that put the band in the social conciousness and on the pop charts with Hey There, Delilah, an acoustic closer that is as solid of a song as you can find on the airwaves. the rest of the album, however, is a more up-tempo collection of songs that crank through at a rapid clip - few tracks last more than 3 1/2 minutes. All That We Needed kicks off with the strong title track, then follows with the sharp Revenge and radio-friendly Take Me Away. Until the album wraps up, the music barely slows down to take a breath. Other Standout Tracks: Lazy Day Afternoon and Breakdown.

The Plain White T's followed that up with the release of Every Second Counts. Similar to All That We Needed, they come out swinging from the first note of Our Time Now and don't let up. We get a interesting take on breakups with Hate (I Really Don't Like You) and relationships on Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk. Matching the tone of Hey There, Delilah is Write You A Song, another acoustic ballad rich in sentimentality. Overall, Every Second Counts is clearly a step forward for the Chicago-based band and provides glimpses of success that is yet to come.

Plain White T's can be found in the Rock Music collection under MR Plain

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