Thursday, February 28, 2008

Music Spotlight: Punk Rock

In an effort to bolster our music collection, we are in the process of bringing in CD's that we feel every good collection should have. Among the new additions we have are a number of early punk rock classics that any good punk fan should know all about:

The Clash
London Calling

Cited by some critics as the greatest album of all time, London Calling is loaded with songs that flat out rock. From the political "London Calling" and "Guns of Brixton," to the reggae-influenced "Rudie Can't Fail" and jazzy "Train in Vain," The Clash set themselves apart from the pack by making punk more than shouting over three chords. London Calling is an album that pulls influences from across the musical spectrum and incorporates them all into a great album from start to finish.

The Sex Pistols
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here Comes the Sex Pistols

The prototype for most people's ideas of what a punk band is all about, the Sex Pistols are loud, raucous, political and in-your-face. When their fist single "Anarchy in the U.K." first hit the airwaves in Britain, they caused an uproar that set the tone for all punk bands that followed. Every track on Never Mind the Bollocks is a hard-driving wall of noise that either draws you in or turns you away. The goal of the band was to providing biting social controversy in the most controversial way possible - and they succeeded. Many acts have followed in the same model set by the Sex Pistols but none have ever matched the raw energy that comes charging out of Never Mind the Bollocks

The Ramones
The Ramones

The Ramones are all about speed and catchy hooks. Nothing on their self-titled debut is very long, but part of that is due to the manic style in which the band tears through its songs. The lyrics take pot shots at pop culture in humorous ways - from the simplistic "Judy is a Punk" to the ridiculous "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue." Everything kicks off with the hard-driving "Blitzkrieg Blitz" and never lets up.

All three albums can be found in the rock music (MR) section of the music cd collection. Be sure to check out other albums by The Clash (The Story of the Clash,) and The Ramones (Rocket to Russia, Ramones Greatest Hits Live)

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