Monday, February 18, 2008

Music Spotlight: Guster

Artist: Guster

Albums: Keep It Together, Ganging Up On the Sun

After listeing to Guster, it is hard to understand why they aren't a major presense in popular music. Their ability to smoothly mix catchy pop songs and gut-wrenching ballads is impressive and makes their albums flow seemlessly from the first tracks to the last ones.

Though critics loved it when it was released, Keep it Together never attained the huge commercial success it deserved. The incredibly catchy single "Amsterdam" did land them on MTV and VH-1, but it wasn't enough to propel them up the Billboard list. Nevertheless, Keep It Together is rich with great songs, including the up-tempo "Amsterdam," the memorable "Careful" and the quirky "Red Oyster Cult." Guster uses Keep It Together to shows off their fantastic harmonies and their great hooks.

Guster followed that album up with Ganging Up On the Sun, a more grown-up album that showcases a slightly moodier track list. Nothing shows this off more than "Ruby Falls," a haunting seven-minute epic that makes you want to hit the repeat button as soon as it ends. Other stand-out tracks are: "Manifest Destiny," "The Captain," "C'mon," and "Dear Valentine."

Guster can be found with the rock cds:
MR Guster

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