Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Reads: Wintersmith


By Terry Pratchett

Every year, the seasons cycle and change: Summer turns to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, Winter to Spring. In the world of Tiffany Aching, however, Winter refuses to give way - and it is all her fault. As if things weren't difficult enough already being a witch...

Already entrenched a world of witches and little purple men, Tiffany has drawn the attention of Winter, who will do anything he can to win her love - even if it means covering land in blizzards and avalanches. As his attempts to win her grow, things turn deadly serious as the delay of spring threatens the farms under Tiffany's watch. She must rely on the help of Granny Weatherwax and the Wee Free Men to bring back Spring and save the day.

Wintersmith is the third novel starring Tiffany Aching. She also appears in A Hat Full of Sky and The Wee Free Men

Wintersmith can be found in YA Fiction:

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