Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Reads: Planet Hulk

Title: Planet Hulk

Writer: Greg Pak

Artists: Carlo Pagulayan, Aaron Lopresti, Juan Santacruz, Gary Frank

Originally published The Incredible Hulk #91-105

While you may be familiar with the Hulk, you have never seen him like this before! Launched into space and crash-landing on savage alien planet, the Hulk finds himself confronted with challenges he never had to face on Earth. As the epic story moves forward, it finds the Green Goliath sold into slavery, competeing as a gladiator, squaring off against the Silver Surfer, and leading a rebellion against the Red King. Through it all, the Hulk does what he does best: smash!

Planet Hulk is a fascinating look at the Hulk and the group of warbound allies he fights along side as he unwittingly fulfills an ancient prophesy - but is it as the world's savior or destroyer? Pak mixes in a number of twists and turns all the way to the end. Even when the story ends, there are plenty of extras to explore, such as artist sketches and detailed character profiles that add depth to an already deep story.

In addition to Pak's great storytelling, the multiple artists flow seemlessly. The details of the alien planet and creatures enhance the Hulk's experience and never detracts from the tale.

Planet Hulk can be found in YA graphic novel are of non-fiction:

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