Thursday, January 17, 2008

Music Spotlight: Death Cab for Cutie

Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Albums: Transatlanticism, Plans, The Photo Album
Don't let the name fool you: Death Cab for Cutie is neither a hard-driving heavy metal band, nor is it a group looking simply to get a lugh from it's audience. As pop music goes, Death Cab for Cutie has the formula down to a science. They mix intelligent lyrics and sharp hooks with a solid foundation of music to make for good listening on each of their albums. Sometimes, the songs drift towards a slower, more moody feel, but they all beg for repeated listens.
As albums go, Transatlanticism is the best that Death Cab for Cutie has to offer. Starting strong with "The New Year" and leading into the catchy "Expo '86" and "Sound of Settling," the album moves smoothly from track to track. The second half takes a more serious tone, but never feels so heavy that it bogs the album down.
Plans is the band's most recent album and shows off higher level of maturity. The songs are more polished and the track list is ballad-heavy, but still has the occasional up-beat track to keep things flowing. The highlight of Plans is "Crooked Teeth," a more silly, quicker-paced song that sticks with you long after it ends.
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