Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Reads: Robota


by Doug Chiang
and Orson Scott Card

While not really a graphic novel, Robota combines a futuristic story with spectacular art to tell the story of a world run by robots. It tells the tale of how robots conquered our world, destroying civilization and turning mankind into slaves in a vast jungle. One day a mysterious man with no memory arrives with a sentient monkey, encountering the "cubed" beasts and outlaw humans. And a revolution is formed against the robots... Robota is a quick read, made even faster by the quick pace of the story.

The real highlight of Robota is the artwork of Doug Chiang, who worked as the design director on the Star Wars prequels. A compliment to the story, his images are beautifully rendered and sometimes stunning. In some cases, his art is so detailed that it looks like a photograph.

Robota is ultimately a science fiction tale. Star Wars fans will especially appreciate the artwork, which has echoes from the movie franchise.

Robota can be found in YA fiction:
YA Chiang

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Inukshuk said...

What about the movie and game that was supposed to be released last year? By the way, I loved the book. I'd give it an 11 out of 10.