Friday, January 25, 2008

Coming soon - Wii Tournaments!

Get your arms in shape - starting in March, the Manitowoc Public Library will be hosting a series of Nintendo Wii tournaments throughout the year. At least once a month between March and November, we will running game tournaments in conjuntion with other libraries along the lakeshore, including Sheboygan, Racine and Two Rivers. As the year moves along, we will post results and keep an updated standings list on-line for everyone to see. By November, the leaders will squre off against each other for Wii supremacy.

The competition will be open to everyone in grade 6 and up. All of our contests will be held on the big screens in the Balkansky Room.

Details are still being worked out, but Super Smash Brothers Brawl will definitely be one of the games on the agenda. Other games under consideration at this point are: Madden '08, Dance Dance Revolution, Mario Party 8, and Super Mario Galaxy. These games are not definite and we may not choose any of them, but your input could help sway the decision. Vote in the poll to the right or leave a comment with any suggestions!

Keep checking back for more details as we get it all worked out!

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